Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. is a road transport company, specialized in full loads, bulk or pallet cargo, operating in Spain and the European Union.

The company’s headquarters are in the town of Banyoles (Gerona), occupying a surface area of more than 3000 m2. The facilities include an extensive warehouse with loading bays, parking services, temporary storage and logistics. From headquarters, the Traffic Department dynamically manages the company’s main business: point-to-point transport, irrespective of cargos’ origin and destination.

Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. has its own latest generation fleet ofenvironmentally respectful vehicles. Its resources include walking floors of up to 100 m3, tippers, Tauliners and bulk powder trailers. It also has a number of external collaborators, that help to extend the range of routes,type of loads and volumes to be transported, with execution periods adapted to any requirements.

If your company regularly or occasionally needs to transport merchandise of any type within the Iberian Peninsula or the European Union in compliance with all regulations, Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. is your ideal partner.