Quality and environment


Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. considers that it is responsible for protecting the environment. Therefore, environmental commitment is a priority policy within its present and future business plan.

Since May 2001, Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. has the ISO 9001: 2015 issued by AENOR guaranteeing its application through all areas of the organisation. This guarantees the continuous improvement of our human team and our work systems, in order to achieve optimum results and competitiveness in the market.

In order to guarantee our quality of service, we are also registered as transporters with the Waste Management Association of Catalonia.We also fulfil the Law on the hygiene of fodder and category 3 sub-products (DARP).



Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. considers that it is responsible for protecting the environment. Therefore, environmental commitment is a priority policy within its present and future business plan.

It fulfils current local, state and European legislation establishing the required measures of environmental control and prevention of contamination,thus ensuring ongoing improvement in day-to-day management.

On the basis of ISO 14001: 2015issued by AENOR, Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. transmits to both its partners and its suppliers, its environmental and social commitment to preserving the environment for everyone’s benefit.

At the same time, as part of its firm commitment to its environmental policy, the management of Transports Porqueres, S.A.U., keeps personnel informed with regards to the company’s obligations, providing them with all necessary resources and ensuring compliance. Likewise, it periodically evaluates and revises the environmental policy in order to improve its management and application extending it to its clients.

AENOR GA-2003/0425 Certificate

Management Policy of Transports Porqueres, S.A.U.

TRANSPORTS PORQUERES, S.A.U. is a company dedicated to road transport, specialising in full, bulk or pallet loads and operating throughout Spain and the EU.

As a company that is aware of the importance of preserving the environment and of the need to provide a quality service, we implement a fully integrated quality and environmental management system.

Priority commitments of Transports Porqueres:

  • To achieve customer satisfaction, continuously improve our service, and fulfil agreed delivery times and requirements.
  • To work efficiently and reliably to offer a competitive price
  • To aim to maintain customer loyalty based on a relationship of trust.
  • To support our employees, ensuring job stability, safety in the workplace and relevant and up-to-date training.
  • To develop our project jointly, to meet the needs of all parties involved.
  • To establish a consolidated work relationship with collaborators, in order to create a reliable framework for offering a good service.
  • To achieve a work dynamic based on the continuous improvement of our environmental management, with particular emphasis on preventing pollution and ensuring people’s safety, in compliance with current legislation on road transport as well as handling and storage of goods.
  • To review regularly our activities, impact, scope, and efficiency of our system, objectives, and goals in order to continuously improve our environmental behaviour.

Rosa Isern Planas


Transports Porqueres is proud to announce that its electric plates generate approximately 40% more energy the company consumes.

This output is returned to a collaborating company that has an electric grid green energy from renewable sources by well extend its environmental commitment

REDUCTION consumption and emissions in recent years

The policy of permanent renewal of the fleet looking for more efficient vehicles that respect the environment and also has an impact on fuel consumption of vehicles.

The latest generations of vehicles Euro6 fuse a low particulate emissions and greenhouse gases (CO and NOx) a reduction in consumption.

This added to the training of our drivers achieved the objectives of reducing consumption and emissions.

In the last nine years has reduced fuel consumption in a 14,51%.

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