PLANTING TREES FOR FIVE a more sustainable future.


PLANTING TREES FOR FIVE a more sustainable future.

The planting of five trees will fix 5'19 tons of CO2

Transports Porqueres participates in the program "A Scania A tree" with the acquisition of five new tractors to its fleet.

The "UnScania, One Tree" is the creation of a public green space so called "Forest Scania", this was populated with the same number of trees that brand vehicles sold in the Iberian Peninsula during the duration of the project. The forest will be protected and maintained for a period of not less than 100 years.

Transports Porqueres, as company concerned and committed to the conservation of the environment, we want to put our bit to reduce the environmental impact. The acquisition of new tractors has enabled the planting of five trees with a fixation estimated 19.5 tons of CO2 during the period of 100 years. Trees can visit whenever they want, in the geographic point 40 ° 20 '41.43 "N 3º 32' 49.41" W Forest Scania.

This decision is committed to a better environment and a more sustainable future.