Restrictions Catalonia 2018


General restrictions on movement of goods on the roads of Catalonia.

Each year the Catalan Transit Service provides the brochure of restrictions of movement, then detailed the resolution of 2018 by vehicles transporting general commodities:

Vehicles of all types or groups of vehicles exceeding the maximum authorized mass of 7.500kg (MMA) or maximum mass of the whole (MMC), respectively, for the carriage of goods in general may not use the public interurban roads of Catalonia the date, time and stretches of road indicated in annex B1 and B2 of the resolution.

Moreover, if the vehicles circulating passage through Catalonia or long distance trips (more than three regions), which will be used mainly European routes network or motorways or segregated roads available. If it is not possible to be able to use the remaining road network, avoiding in any case, regional roads and local.

Restrictions Catalonia Calendar 2018

Annex B1 i B2

For more detailed information, you can visit the following link:

Traffic restrictions for Carrateres of Catalonia