Tractors new Euro 6


Transport porqueres continues its commitment to a more sustainable future, efficient and renews fleet with two new Euro 6 tractor.

Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. considers environmental protection as a responsibility. It is for this reason that the commitment to the environment and the environment is a policy priority in its business plan present and future. One of the cornerstones is to maintain the fleet of next-generation trucks renewed every four years to reduce CO2 emissions, increase road safety and ensure respect for their workers. This provides its clients an end based on quality, trust and sustainability.

Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. has, since 2003 environmental certificate ISO 14001: 2004 issued by AENOR guaranteeing its application in all areas of the organization

Following the rules, the company conveys both collaborators and suppliers, its environmental and social commitment to ensure the preservation of the environment for everyone.

Moreover, the direction of Transports Porqueres, S.A.U. in its strong commitment to its environmental policy keeps its staff informed of the obligations of the organization, providing them with the necessary resources and ensures compliance. In addition, periodically evaluates and revises its environmental policy in order to improve its management and implementation, and extends to its customers.