Transports Porqueres is commemorated as a historial establishment

Transports Porqueres is commemorated as a historial establishment

Transports Porqueres celebrates 55 years of history with the incorporation of the third generation of the family.

During the 1940s, Joan Ferrer i Company, a neighbor of Usall (Porqueres) and the eldest son of a family of farmers, began transporting firewood from the forest to Banyoles. He did this by combining the work of a farmer, until in May 1960 one of his clients offered to dedicate himself entirely to transport, selling him his truck. Buying that second-hand truck, Joan and his wife, Rosenda Mach, began their family business. With a lot of effort and dedication, Joan expanded the business to six trucks.

His son, Salvador Ferrer, helped his father from a very young age. Until the company Transports Porqueres was set up in January 1986. S.A., incorporating the second generation: Salvador and his wife, Rosa Isern. These were times of change and the young couple faced many challenges, which they overcame and strengthened, always with the support of their closest relatives.

From the beginnings of Transports Porqueres until today, the market has been changing and the company has been able to adapt to it, always betting on new technologies, quality and the environment. The third generation is currently working on it, they have a large fleet of trucks and a wide portfolio of collaborators, where together with the human team, they coordinate and execute the work to offer good customer service. Transports Porqueres specializes in the transport of goods in bulk and palletized by the European Community performing a transport based on trust.

On November 5, 2015, the Girona Chamber of Commerce distinguished the 55th anniversary of Transports Porqueres in the 36th edition of the Distinctions in Historic Establishments. You can find more information at the following link: